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Each doll designed by Aisamah's Originals carry a name that reflects the custom of the Global Muslim Woman. It is recorded that during the time of slavery not only was the African man or woman ordered to denounce his or her birth name, they were ordered to denounce their religion (way of life), a faith governed by the belief in One God. Persons born into slavery were ordered to use the names of the master, and their offspring were to bare the names as well. Most African persons born in American carry such names.

However, with time each generation born in America, after learning of their history and with respect and in honor of their slave ancestors, reclaimed their true heritage and most African-American persons began renaming their offspring beautiful names baring great meanings. Adult African American persons not born with beautiful names, later by choice, would change their birth names reflecting their master's to beautiful names. If as adults, African-American persons not born into a Muslim family, but later by choice embrace the faith of Al-Islam Monotheism, or research their African lineage, most change their birth given names to selected beautiful names that best identify with the character they strive to reflect and uphold.

Muslim children are to be given names that have beautiful meanings that project for them a beautiful identity that we pray they will continue to grow into.  Our names are established through the character displayed and through our deeds.  Prophet Muhammad was the first person to be given the name Muhammad, because of his character the name took on a beautiful meaning. Until today the name Muhammad,  which means a person of praise, is one that millions of persons have taken for centuries.  In the African American slave experience one of the first things done to enslave the Africans was to take away their name, which link us to our ancestral ties and gave us dignity as a people.

"A good name is better than gold".  This is a timeless and true quote.  For when we establish, by the Grace of Allah, an honorable name for ourselves more doors of opportunity are open than money will ever buy.  Each of us, whether young or old, has the responsibility to live in a manner that encourages others to view us as credible, respectable and worthy of admiration. This is how we establish an honorable name.  Some family names are recognized as ones of dignity and it is a blessing to have a personal name that has a beautiful meaning. Both are a source of esteem and noble distinction.  While we may be given a name of honor at birth it is each of us who, with Allah's guidance, have to establish the name for ourselves.

We can learn how valuable a given name was to the African, through the profoundly moving story "Roots" which was based on the true family history of the author Alex Haley.  In this account of the slave experience the young African man, Kunta Kinte was brought to America on a slave ship.  He was ordered to give up his birth name for the name Tobey.  The young African man did not accept giving up the name his ancestor had given, that was a name he had grown to wear with acclaim, so the slave master had him beaten.  After one, two, and even five lashes of the brutal whip, he still when asked, "what is your name?" said Kunta, Kunta Kinte.  It took eight cruel lashes that rang out across more than a century of time, before he would say "Tobey Master". Let us not give up the dignity that millions prayed, fought and died for, the right to self determination.  Muslim names and African names link us to our heritage and give us a dignified identity of life long purposeful direction.  An honorable
name is a gift from Allah. 

~Author unknown

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