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Sister Aisamah Muhammad is recognized in her West Philadelphia, Pennsylvania neighborhood as a pious Muslim-American woman. She is respected for her kindness and sincere concern for people, and her daily display of concern for her community as a whole.

Practical nurse by profession, Sister Aisamah devoted sixteen years of nursing and hospice care to homebound and facility residents of diverse nationalities and cultural lifestyles.

She also serves as the President and CEO of Showcase Community Services Inc. / Lancaster Avenue Business Association CDC - a non-profit organization designed to provide social, economic, and community development programs and project initiatives that encourage social and community outreach to residents, families, and businesses.

Aisamah Hanifa
(Peaceful True Believer)

"Original Doll Designed"

Sister Aisamah enjoys family life, as a wife, mother and grandmother. She finds sanctuary and great satisfaction within the comfort of her home. Raised in a family of seven children, Sister Aisamah recognizes her beloved mother as her mentor and heroine.

"Allah teaches that Paradise lies at the feet of your Mother, and I love my Mother dearly. May she be granted a place in paradise. For me, she exercises the example of the strength of womanhood that I strive to favor. She's one of untiring patience and sincerity of heart and humility."

Over twenty years ago, Sister Aisamah begin designing Islamic clothing for dolls as a hobby. Through her designs, she strives to capture the ethnic beauty of the diverse women who embrace Islam. The woman in her nature is introduced in every culture worldwide as the "Natural Being She Is" encircled by the environment that cultivates her. While having a respect for diversity designed by Our Creator, ethnicity highlights the woman in her natural beauty.

Her entreprenaurial effort to market and sell artistic cultural creations is part of a broader strategy for empowering African American Muslim women. This strategy is two-fold.

First, there are many harmful misperceptions about the oppression of Muslim women. Through Aisamah's Originals, she hopes to educate others about Islam, and the lifestyle enjoyed both domestically and professionally by women of her faith.

Second, she hopes to embrace other cultural entities seeking to market their works of art online. The skills and experiences that Sister Muhammad has acquired through the development of Aisamah's Originals will be shared with other urban African American women.


Cultural Diversity stems from the design of Creation: Respect for Cultural Diversity is the design for Humanity 

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